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Jim Corbett National Park - Puskar Basu

jim Corbett National Park, India

(Elephas maximus)

IUCN status : Endangered

Asian Elephants are the largest mammals found in the subcontinent. They can reach up to 21 feet in length and 11,000 pounds in weight. The male elephants have tusks. Females have reduced tusks known as tushes. Elephants are extremely intelligent animals having huge brain, well-developed self-awareness and ability to learn to use tools. Elephant is one of those rare animals that can recognize its own reflection in the mirror (water).  The long trunk, made of 60,000 muscles, are used for breathing, smelling, trumpeting, digging of food from the ground and stripping bark from the trees. They eliminate excess heat from their body via their large ears. They communicate via low-frequency calls that can be detected from few miles away.

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