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In Search of the Himalayan Myth.jpg

An expedition in the higher Himalayas to search one of the most elusive big cats, revealed a whole new food chain that is self sustaining in the inaccessible terrain. Tracking the Ghost Cat in knee deep snow and sub zero temperature was all worth as the rewards were more than deserved.

In Search of the Green Anaconda.jpg

A deep jungle patrol to search the largest snake on earth revealed some of the best kept secrets of Nature. This part of pure earth nurtures some of the gigantic species that the world has ever seen. The Llanos plains of Colombia is the actual El Dorado of natural heritage.

06_Chiru and the Karakoram.JPG

The higher reaches of the Karakoram Range observes the most enigmatic  migration of the world. The migration culminates with the birth of a new generation of Unicorns who don the most expensive fur coat of the world, commercially known as Shahtoosh.

A Dream Called Namdapha.jpg

Namdapaha is the only forest on earth which houses ecosystems of alpine,  tropical and sub tropical regions at the same time. It is also the only wilderness which is home to four Big Cats. The journey was for finding a near extinct bird, but it opened a whole new horizon of nature.

In the Land of Simba.JPG

Every wildlife lover has got a Simba hidden inside. That Simba, who 'laughs at the face of danger' and takes on any adventure without caring for it's consequences. Witnessing Simba, Mufasa, Timon and Pumba in flesh and blood was like inhaling fresh piece of air from a serene African wonderland.

A jungle that wakes up at night.JPG

Agumbe rainforest is home to numerous species of flora and fauna which are yet to get a name from the mankind. A land which teems with wildlife but mostly remains undiscovered. The legendary King Cobra is the apex predator over here.

A Solo Ride across Ladakh.JPG

Security is a superstition, it does not exist in nature. What better way can this be realized than picking up a Royal Enfield along with some extra jerrycans  of petrol and going for a solo ride all across Ladakh to explore it's amazingly unique and unexplored biodiversity!

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