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Amlan Chatterjee

Nature lover

Puskar is an epitome in himself reaching to the impossible in search of the elusive targets. Besides being a photographer, he is an ardent nature lover who always upholds the true essence of nature through his lens. Wish him the best success...

Annie Shane


You’re appreciated.

Anindita Datta Muhuri


A very informative website and a great collection of wildlife photographs. One can get the information not only about the places but more about the species that you have documented in your various expeditions across the globe.
Your works and literatures will definitely inspired thousand minds to love and see the nature the way you are.
Many things I have learnt from you through different forum.
Wish you many success in your photography journey and pray you enjoy all your time in this endeavour.

Arijit Mondal


Amazing collection of photographs. Kudos to you capability and hard work. God bless.

Suman Deb

Nature Lover

An amazing person who has dedicated his life to the nature, Pushkar is The Most wonderful photographer I have ever come across.
When I see the beauty of a Nat Geo comparable shot, I see the beast behind it. We don't know how much effort he has put in behind every click, wading through swamps, burning in the sun, braving leeches and tropical diseases and what not! Such patience! Just for that perfect shot, perfect timing. That comes with experience. The value of each photograph is immeasurable because of all the efforts that went behind them.
Sir I believe you will really make it big someday. I wish you all the very best and we hope you get back on the run (travel) soon! Keep us posted through YouTube.
God speed.

Nabanita Misra

A learner

The first and foremost word that comes in my mind whenever I think of Mr. Puskar Basu is, "Inspiration". He is the synonym for the word Inspiration. His passion, his dedication, his honesty, his sacrifice, his utmost knowledge and on top of everything, his true love for Mother Nature and those very rare wild species definitely make him the greatest photographer in the genre of Wildlife and Landscape photography. I was extremely thrilled knowing his adventures to Maasai mara and Amazon Rainforest and I am equally thrillingly eager to witness his upcoming adventures as well!!
This website has been designed with utmost delicacy and love and each corner of this website reflects his true love for the world, which he proudly says his 'Home' and that certainly earns a lot of respect. This 'Travelographer' has made me fall in love with this beautiful planet and made me think about the Conservation of Nature more seriously. I'm thankful and fortunate enough that I have known someone like Mr. Basu and whatever write to describe him, will be understatement.
I wish Mr. Basu all the best for all his upcoming adventures and please keep inspiring people like us.

Sandipan Mukherjee

Nature lover and amateur wildlife photographer

Being a nature lover, i always feel that it is very important to know about the species that one seeks to photograph. And puskar basu has done that very thing in this website. Apart from the amazing photographs of such magnificent species, this website offers detailed description of the species that has been photographed. It is really interesting to know about these animals that roam this heaven called earth and it really makes me fall in love with them more intensely. Kudos to puskar basu for creating such an interactive website where every one can learn about wildlife and also think of their conservation.

Sumit Biswas

Wildlife Photographer

All my good words are not enough to appreciate the passion and the zeal this person possesses.
A true nature lover and more over a person with a golden heart. Though we know each other since our college days but the other side of this common boy has taken me aback by his passion toward the nature and more over to the mother nation.
A good friend, a strong critic and above all a passionate photo maker, yes instead of photographer he is a photo maker to me who paints the dream of any wildlife enthusiast with his creation.
All my words might taste bit flavoured but those who got the opportunity to know this guy in person, will never hesitate to voice back.
All the best brother and all my best wishes are with you for ever.
Stay put and gift us much more magical creations in coming days.


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