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Puskar Basu hails from India and is a passionate natural history photographer, national level swimmer and mountaineer. His adventurous skills help him explore the distant and inaccessible corners of the globe. Apart from traveling all across the wildlife refuges of the Indian subcontinent, Puskar has made his mark in the African Savannah and the Llanos plains of South America. His travelling ambitions have made him pick up the camera to store his magnificent encounters with nature. He makes constant endeavor to portray the beauty of nature through his photographs. He believes that wildlife is the most dynamic form of nature that we see around us and wildlife photography is a vital tool that can be used for their conservation. He makes an effort to convey a message through each of his photographs which can make people fall in love with the beautiful planet and subsequently help in saving it. His work has been published in various coveted magazines like "BBC Wildlife", “Sanctuary Asia”, “Smart Photography” and "Akhon Aronyok".

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