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Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary, India

(Pseudois nayaur)

IUCN status : Least Concern

Blue Sheeps or Bharals are medium-sized sheep that can grow up to 165 cm long and 91 cm tall at the shoulder.  They weigh up to 75 kg. They are known as the Blue Sheep due to their blue-grey coat which camouflage them in the mountains where they live, helping them to hide from Snow Leopards and wolves. Bharals have very strange horns that grow up, then out to the side before pointing backwards.  The males have longer horns than females and they can grow up to 80 cm long. They are excellent climbers and eat moss, lichen, plants and grass that they find in the mountains. Bharals are found in small groups of up to 20 animals in very high mountains above the tree line of Bhutan, China, India, Nepal and Pakistan.

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