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Los Llanos, Casanare, Colombia

(Crocodylus intermedius)

IUCN status : Critically endangered

With 250-1000 Orinoco Crocodiles left in the wild, they are one of the rarest reptiles in the world. Such thin population has put them as Critically Endangered in the Red List of IUCN. It is a very unusual reptile, which has no subspecies, meanwhile coming in 3 color types. These are: negro - when the skin of the animal is entirely dark grey; mariposo - when the crocodile is greyish-green with spots on dorsal part; and finally, amarillo - the most common type, exhibiting a light, tan color with dark, sparse patches all over the animal's body. They are the largest Crocodile species of South America. They measure around 3-5 m (12 to 16 ft) and weighs as much as 200-380 kg. The Orinoco crocodile lives in the Orinoco River basin of Colombia and Venezuela. Due to massive human hunting the crocodile is forced to live in the freshwater habitats. Orinoco crocodiles have a lifespan of about 70 – 80 years. They feed on fish and Capybaras. They are though rarely hunted by Anacondas and Jaguars.

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