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Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, India

(Cuon alpinus)

IUCN status : Endangered

A unique brownish forest dog, which has shorter legs, more bushy tail and thicker muzzle than wolves or jackals. Dholes are carnivores (meat-eaters). Their diet mainly consists of various species of deer, wild boars, goats and wild cattle. They rarely hunt smaller animals such as rabbits, lizards and insects. Dholes live in a group, called pack, composed of 5 to 12 members. Males are more in numbers. Life in the group is essential for successful hunting. Members of the group communicate and use special strategies for hunting. They can chase the prey towards the water to slow it down, or chase the prey towards the hidden members of the group. Dholes are not very fast, but they have high endurance and ability to chase the prey for hours. They are also excellent swimmers. Dholes are able to jump 7 feet up in the air.

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